If you are looking for a wire displaying solution with a netting frame, Smart Rack, as your preferred rack supplier in Malaysia, offers the best netting frame display solution that allows the display of products and your merchants in a more flexible way that suits your requirements. Our netting frame can be removed or installed in a short time and can be shifted from one area to another on a wire netting, particularly wire mesh.

Besides, the size of our netting frame comes in various sizes depending on your need and requirements, and what kind of products your wish to display on our netting frame or pallet rack netting. The design of the netting frame hook is design in a way that can reduce the risk of accidents happen such as the damage of your products as it falls from the netting frame, gives your products additional protection, and reduce the risk of damage to your displayed items.

If you are a store that uses wire mesh or grid mesh display units, then wire meshes display hooks and netting frames are essential accessories that will enable you to create and sell display systems for a wide range of products. Products of all shapes and sizes can be hung from these netting frames and prongs which attach firmly to the mesh display systems. Wire mesh netting frames are perfect for those many retail items that aren’t best showcased using traditional shelving and they are also great for giving stores that extra space capacity to put more out on display. Netting frames can be used anywhere from upmarket boutiques to second-hand stalls at busy markets and they come in different styles and sizes to suit all store types. They are one of the most affordable accessories on the market so are a great value for money investment for modern retailers.

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Pitch  :  50mm X 50mm

Available Measurement   :   Maximum Width  :   915mm or 36"

                                              Maximum Length  :  2440mm or 96"

Custom Made Available With Minimum Quantity   :   50 pieces

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Netting Frame

Smart Rack

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