'SMART' Heavy Duty Racking System

'SMART' Heavy Duty Racking System
This is a multi-purpose storage system to cater for industries of all size from large, medium to small. It provides a systematic
approach to organize goods, which facilitates stock taking and greatly reduces risk of goods damages due to improper storage
methods. It significantly enhances the outlook of your office / store as your products can now be neatly organized and intelligently
arranged to your convenience.

The Heavy Duty Racking System is versatile. It can be installed and dismantle with minimal efforts which makes relocation possible.
The number of storage levels can be added or reduced according to requirements. Our design is customized to cater for your type of
goods. It is made with high grade steel materials and protected with Epoxy Powder Coating which makes its durable and anti-rust.
Unless handled inappropriately, our products should provide you the maximum years of services at minimum maintenance  costs.

In the era of high population density and land scarcity, we are urged to maximize returns from limited land resource. Our products
serve to meet this purpose to effectively maximize storage space. It is indeed a reliable long-term investment regardless of quality,
professionalism and price.

***   Quick Assembly And Dismantle  -  For easy installation and relocation.
***   Adjustable Beam  -  Easy adjustable for different heights.
***   All Parts And Components Can Be Easily Replaces.
***   Cost Effective With Space Maximization And Stocks Easily Managed For Labour Cost Saved. 

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