'SMART' Medium Duty Racking System

'SMART' Medium Duty Racking System Series is our newest innovated products of our company.
This product is conceptualized and modified from our 'SMART' Heavy Duty Racking System Series.
Products Features And Advantages   :
***   Upright Post With Omega Profile ( Widely Acceptable Concept ).
***   It offer the equal quality and solidness of our Heavy Duty Racking System Series.
***   Various choices of storage system available such as High Rise Racking, Long Span Shelving Rack,
         Racking System Cum Top Flooring, Twin-Bay Storage System And Multi-Tiers Storage System, etc.
***   Loading Capacity   :   450 Kgs to 1,800 Kgs UDL per level.
***   Vertical Adjustable according to the height of the storage space.
***   Easy to install, dismantle, expandable and adjustable.
***   Choice of Decking Materials   :   Plywood, High Density Fibre Board, Galvanized Metal Shelf or
         Epoxy Powder Coated Metal Shelf.
***   Can design for top flooring and platform utilities.
***   The only drawback of Medium Racking System Series  :  Not advisable to handled by handling
          equipment such as forklift.
Product Advantage   :
***   Provide optimal use for limited storage space. ( Smaller Upright Frame Set )
***   Neat, tiny and attractive display outlook.
***   Suitable for any display purposes.

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